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Customers service

Laboratory service

With a specialized team, our laboratory try to get the targets that our clients have been determined for any product, providing exhaustive analysis, comparative market analysis of our products.

Advice service

Our Sales Department has many years of experience in the marketing of chemicals, and supports the customer in product information, advice, training in use related to the supplied products.

Product service

To meet the needs of each customer, Productos Químicos Iberin, S.A has established the Product Development Department, which offers the possibility to cover any proposal that the client may have in relation to a specific product in order to give a specific solution to their needs.

Brand service

To individualize the service to our customers, we offer the possibility to customize all the products supplied with a low cost. In this way, the customers can develop their own marketing in relation to the products and give the commercial approach that it needs.

Delivery service

We have a large fleet of vehicles allowing us a commitment to deliver the customer´s orders in 72 hours, which in most cases the period is reduced to 24 or 48 hours. This service is considered very important by the Quality Department of the company.

After-sale service

Productos Químicos Iberin, S.A offers to all its customers an After-Sale Service Department, for solving any complaints, suggestions, request for information as soon as possible.

Contact Information

  • Avenida de la Astronomía, 15 
  • 28830 San Fernando de Henares - Madrid.
  • Spain.
  • Telephone and fax: +34 91 656 62 54

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